Kroma Productions proudly presents MIRAGES – the origin of Mirages lies in Kaija Saariaho’s music

15.02.2021 eero

Director Marikki Hakola is exited with her latest work – “The Mirages project combines many of the things that have fascinated me during my entire career, such as interactivity, the interface between moving image and performing arts, art research, and the potential of virtual technology in expanding art-making and experiences. A lot of very interesting and innovative things happen at the interface between different art fields when different conventions in art-making and experiences meet”, Marikki Hakola says. The visual world of Mirages is composed by using real-time virtual technology, wherein performers interact with motion-capture animations.

Producer Paula Pitkänen is also very excited of the launch. ”The story of Mirages is about love – and the story starts at the end of a relationship. For me personally, this film is about healing and finding purpose – finding a new focus. The story unfolds with music and dance and a strong visual world created virtually. This production has been something totally new build on talent and strong experience – strong vision. I am extremely proud of the whole team involved with this pioneer production. This music and dance film is full of reflections of the future made today” Pitkänen says.

Mirages is also a research project. The media work forms part of Marikki Hakola’s doctoral degree (DA) at Aalto University. Her research focuses on the philosophy and design of virtual modes of the moving image. The experimental parts of the research have put forth new methods of virtual staging that enable a versatile use of virtual scenography in live performance, real-time streaming of live events, and live broadcast.

Scriptwriter and director Marikki Hakola, music Kaija Saariaho, starring soprano Riikka Hakola, virtual scenography Tanja Bastamow, dance choreography Johanna Nuutinen, camera Mika Tertsunen, sound design Epa Tamminen, costume design Heli Salomaa. Executive producer Marikki Hakola, producer Paula Pitkänen. Production company Kroma Productions Oy 2021. In association with StarHop Creative Oy, Yle, Aalto Studios.